About us

Varsity Logistic Service, we believe managing your supply chain for cost reductions and improved efficiencies is just the beginning.

Our Core Value

We believe that adherence to our Core Values, as well as pride in our work and company, continuous improvement, and responsiveness, will lead us to continued growth.

Our Vision

Connecting people, process, business and communities to a better future through logistics and supply chain solutions.

Our Mission

To become the world's preferred supply chain logistics company applyinh insight, service quality and innovation to create sustainable growth for business and society.

Who we are

With 27 owned-and-operated offices across 11 countries/regions, Varsity Logistic Service has the in-country expertise, relationships and systems to give customers reliability and control over their supply chains, whether goods are in inventory or in transit.

Our portfolio includes comprehensive transportation, distribution and global services, as well as an extensive list of specialized capabilities.

Strong relationships with airlines and ocean carriers ensure our ability to find transportation capacity for you, regardless of destination or transit speed. Should you want an integrated approach, our network spans in and between most international trade lanes for end-to-end solutions with global visibility.

Our sophisticated technology systems elevate traditional supply chain activities to bring greater value to your operations. Our customers typically experience this through cost savings, improved decision-making, and enhanced service to their customers.

We also can provide a platform for internet selling that delivers timely logistics fulfillment and procurement, along with savings on distributor costs, destination DC charges, and VAT and customs duties (depending of order values).

In addition, through data management and hands-on involvement, Varsity Logistic Service often uncovers and presents opportunities for continuous improvement for customers.

Varsity Logistic Service has customers in all major industry verticals, including retail, electronics, packaged goods, mining and energy, and we can engineer a solution to meet your specific needs.

Trends are gearing towards shipping and freight among emerging markets and meeting the global

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